We are here to help you, not to nickel and dime you. So it goes without saying that we offer free initial consultations for all new patients. And we don’t provide this as a gimmicky call to action, just to get you into our office so we can upsell you on a bunch of treatments you don’t need; it’s because we don’t want anything to stand in the way from you having a chance to meet us, tell us your story, and allow us to brainstorm with you the ways in which we can help you build your family.

Dr. Durso is eager to meet you. Please contact us to be scheduled for an office visit with her where she will review your history and prior records, provide any recommendations for further testing, and review your treatment options.

Whether you are already seeing a fertility doctor and want to have a “second look” or are new to fertility and just don’t know where to start, Partners wants to make sure it is always safe, comfortable, and easy to take that first step.

Please contact our financial coordinator today for additional details and to schedule an appointment!

Specific testing is not included in the consult, including ultrasounds, semen analysis, etc. These tests can be performed, but are not beneath the umbrella of the free consultation.

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