CNN published an article recently and I think it makes some really good points.

1. Women who are older do have a harder time getting pregnant.

What does that mean for couples trying to conceive? It means that when you are trying to get pregnant you should get proper testing of your fertility. Waiting will only make you condition worse, and at Partners we have the most advanced testing to determine who needs fertility treatments and who doesn’t.

2. More couples are using IVF to get pregnant.

This is absolutely true, and the reason for this is two fold. One – more couples are waiting to get pregnant later in life and because of that, it’s much more likely that they will require IVF. But secondly, many couples are choosing IVF because the success rates are so much better than any other therapy for fertility. It makes a lot of sense to immediately move to the treatment with the most potential for success — why waste more time and money than is absolutely necessary?

3. Cost

The big elephant in the room! Well the nice thing is that here at Partners our IVF cycles are much more affordable than the national average. Sometimes we encounter couples who feel they might save money by NOT doing IVF when in reality, with all the unsuccessful therapies that they end up trying and the time they end up wasting, they end up paying more in the end! And to top it off, once those other therapies are employed, it often times makes doing IVF more difficult.

Read the full article here.

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